Needleless Dermal Fillers

Novitas Aesthetics specialize in the revolutionary 'Hyaluron Pen'.


This tool enables us to deliver dermal filler (and other mesotherapies) without the use of a needle.  Perfect for anyone with a needle phobia! Hyaluron Pen is non-invasive,  requiring no downtime. 

It is considered safe for most people (not suitable for people on certain heart medications, or for pregnant women). The product enters the papillary dermis using pressure, meaning less trauma for the skin; less swelling & bruising. As we age, our bodies produce less hyaluronic acid.


This makes us prone to showing signs of ageing. I am able to administer hyaluronic acid in the form of dermal fillers to reverse these signs!


Whether you want to plump your lips, fill your wrinkles or define your features; Novitas Aesthetics can help!

Treatments Include:

Plump Lips

Define your Nose, Jawline, Chin and Cheeks

Fill Wrinkles

Rejuvenate your Face

Treat Hairloss

Fat Dissolving


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